Personal Appointment

Hi! via this tool, you can book a personal appointment with either our voluntary projects (also includes the medicine or Nour project) or professional internships and teaching. During this chat, we will tell you everything about our organization, our projects, our database and what the process will be if you decide to go abroad with us! You can in turn explain to us where you would like to go and what you want to do, so we can match you up with a project of your liking. An appointment takes approximately 30 minutes.

Voluntary Projects

Experience the world as a local, not as a tourist. Tackle the issues that you are most passionate about in a voluntary project anywhere around the globe. Interested? Plan a coffee chat with us!

Internships & teaching

Are you interested in developing your leadership while boosting your career prospects? Apply for an opportunity to intern in a company or work as a teacher abroad! Plan a coffee chat with us!